• Willkommen bei Westermeier International

    Events That Make Sense

    Events of all sorts and sizes are planned
    by us with passion, organised with care
    and carried out with solicitude.
    We live and love our work.

  • Car-Clinics, An- und Abreise durch Westermeier International

    Car Clinics – Market Leader

    Research in the automotive branch is at
    the heart of our company. We love to go into
    detail and are totally involved in our daily work.
    Our wealth of experience aids in car clinics
    which are particularly informative for you.
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  • Veranstaltungsservice, Katharina Westermeier

    Lend Life & Precision to your Events

    Depend upon us for smooth service for
    your event and lean back and let us take
    care of things. Whether it is a conference,
    congress, car clinic or company outing,
    we plan thoroughly and with experience.
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  • Das Team von Westermeier International

    Knowledge & International Cordiality

    Our director plans and organises
    the events herself and is available
    round the clock. About 50 multilingual
    hostesses on the team support you
    in all languages at top standards.
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  • Ihr Ansprechpartner: Katharina Westermeier

    We are Always There for You

    Whether car clinics, conferences
    or smaller events, we attend
    to your wishes for your event.
    Tell us what you need, we are
    pleased to provide it!
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Event & Travel Management - Westermeier International
Westermeier International
Events of any

kind and size

Welcome to Westermeier International

A Relaxed Arrival Supports Invaluable Interviews

The car clinics which are the heart of the company are just as important to us as event management in general and event logistics on a smaller scale. With over 20 years of experience we are market leader and a reliable partner for clients in automotive market research and other fields.

At Westermeier International, director Katharina Westermeier oversees the projects personally, as needed round the clock.

We guarantee perfect organisation from your home airport to the location of the event and back again. Your satisfaction has been our goal ever since the company was founded in 1999.

Our range of services includes among others:

> Specialty: Car Clinics
> Fundamentals: Event Management
> Location: Venues
> Hospitality: Hostesses and Assistants
> Accommodation: Lodging and Meals
> Additionals: Supporting Programme
> Basics: Transportation
> Support: Participant Registration and Assistance
> Special Needs: Special Arrangements